Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fish Knitting

I went to visit my 2 year old grand daughter in California last week. She did some pretend knitting with me...note the yarn scraps and needles in her hand.

I started knitting her a fish from a pattern I got off the Lion Brand Yarn website. It had you make three pieces and sew them together. I knit one and realized I could knit all three at once with 4 needles and not have to sew it together so I did. Forced my daughter to drive me to a fabric store for stuffing.

                                                                                                                             Then I made another one...

The 2 year old seems to like them...

After I left I kept knitting fish...

Made the blue one at my friend in San Francisco's kitchen table while she was working on her computer.

Got stuck at the Milwaukee Airport for 4 hours on my way home and started fooling around with the red one and realized the three sections don't have to be the same. Then I decided they don't need to have fins to look like fish.

I am plotting a gray stingray, think I can figure out how to make it flat...

I think I am understanding knitting as never before from making these silly fish....thinking over sculptural ideas, will be interesting to see what happens.


  1. The finless fish are my favorite!!!

  2. Nice!

    Have you seen Hansi Singh book of knitted amigurumi creatures? I have it but haven't made any of them yet. Maybe when things calm down.