Saturday, March 19, 2011


The day before I left my grand daughter's house I painted a mural on her bedroom wall. Her parents had moved a huge piece of furniture the day before while we were at the park without them...leaving a big bare space next to the mural my Iowa daughter had painted earlier...

My painting is on the right. It is some sort of interesting clay, non toxic paint. The blue was a new color and sort of strong compared to the others. The banner the bird is holding says SWEET DREAMS.

This was a fun, quick project. I tried to make my part go with the original part and I think it works. And most importantly, the two year old loves it!

There were a few other grand daughter projects in the house...

This is a giant crocheted doily I made as a baby blanket. I bought a book of doilies supposed to be made with skinny thread and a tiny crochet hook. I just sort of blew one up. Tore it up numerous get it sort of flat I think I took out 2 of the pineapple motifs. I also made one for my mom who had had a knee replacement and my grand son who may not have even been born yet.

This is my version of a baby quilt. Really fun to make. Tied together with cotton thick crochet thread.

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